Flavour of The Month: White Peach

It’s time to shine the spotlight on a remarkable drupe, the white peach. Often overlooked, these peaches are renowned for their soft, edible skin, juicy flesh, and stone centre.

Flavour of The Month: Passion Fruit

The sun shining down, warm sand between your toes, a gentle sea breeze caressing your skin, and a porn star martini in hand. What could evoke the essence of a tropical getaway more than this? The answer lies in the luscious passion fruit – a sweet yet tart, tingling sensation that embodies the treasure of exotic indulgence.

Flavour of The Month: Tiramisu

Picture it now, wandering around the streets of Italy, exhausted, you stumble across a local cafe serving the classic Tiramisu – the perfect pick me up.

Flavour of The Month: Burnt Butter

Butter is back in the spotlight, but this time we want a more impactful flavour. Known for its sweet, creamy, lactic notes, butter’s versatile nature adds richness to a cake, the moisture onto a slice of toast and the creaminess in the mash.

Flavour of The Month: Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti, maybe better known as lyrics rather than flavour, a combination like no other. Translated from its Italian origin as “mixed fruit”, the flavour profile isn’t any clearer. In fact, Tutti Fruit is best described as a mythical, man-made flavour and although most people will have likely tried it, the flavour itself is subjective to that of its creator.

Flavour of The Month: Dates

What is the best time of day to have a date? Perhaps you prefer a breakfast date, a little lunchtime snack date, or maybe more of a dinner date.

Flavour of The Month: Chocolate

You wouldn’t believe that the promotions of sinful products of high fats and sugar were on the decline, as we find ourselves sandwiched between the season of love and the easter bunny – but in today’s cost-aware market, what is the greatest priority for the consumer ‘price’ or ‘quality’?

Flavour of The Month: Pomegranate

After the nonstop delight of the Christmas food conveyor belt, a huge focus in January stirs towards “you are what you eat” – bring forth the power foods and what’s more appropriate than the pomegranate! Known for its round shape and distinct red seeds, this juicy, sweet-tart fruit comes with a multitude of health benefits from helping with digestion to powering the brain. The pomegranate is packed with nutrients that support several aspects of the body.

Flavour of The Month: Christmas Pudding

ITS CHRISTMAS! Oh yes – that officially means calories do not exist until the new year. It’s the season for, indulging in, great food with family and friends. Each year brings a new set of traditions as households grow and supermarket shelves expand from the traditional turkey to the puff pastry salmon slice or even the vegan nut roast – there is something for everyone!

Flavour of The Month: Cheesecake

The classic dessert, cheese pie or to most people, cheesecake. Known for its sweet creamy nature, is one of the few desserts that contain cheese. You cannot go anywhere in the UK without the option of a cheesecake on the menu – restaurants love it for its adaptable nature, whether it’s frozen, chilled, or ambient it will always keep its form