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Flavour of The Month: Dates

What is the best time of day to have a date? Perhaps you prefer a breakfast date, a little lunchtime snack date, or maybe more of a dinner date.

Flavour of The Month: Pomegranate

After the nonstop delight of the Christmas food conveyor belt, a huge focus in January stirs towards “you are what you eat” – bring forth the power foods and what’s more appropriate than the pomegranate! Known for its round shape and distinct red seeds, this juicy, sweet-tart fruit comes with a multitude of health benefits from helping with digestion to powering the brain. The pomegranate is packed with nutrients that support several aspects of the body.

Flavour of The Month: Maple

Canada, the land of the maple tree; known for not only beautiful landscapes and valuable wood products, but sustaining the maple syrup trade. An industry with an estimated harvest of $133 million, the USA accumulating 60% of global sales, maple syrup is unquestionably Canada’s little gold mine – no wonder the great maple syrup heist of 2012, where $18.7 million worth of maple syrup was secretly replaced with water, is still being talked about