• Who we are

    We are new product development led, with wide ranging market and sector knowledge.

    Who we are - House of Flavours

Helping customers to be successful

We help you to be successful in business through our technical expertise, service and quality.

We form long term relationships based on trust, reliability, and our approach to business.

We understand your business. We are foodies and industry people. We come from the food and the flavourings industries, so understand both sides of the business. We are easy to work with.

We are a trusted supplier to both large and small accounts, having a wide range of these across all food and beverage sectors. To drive our industry creativity and maintain our reliability,  we invest heavily in people, state-of-the-art technology and finance systems to enable our internal supply chain.

Client Testimonial

House of Flavours have been brilliant during innovation and NPD across loads of projects, with great customer service and support, being able to help and advise on ingredients, usage and trends. We look forward to working with them further this year.

“Our first ever customer, one of the main scone producers in the UK, has been with us for over two decades. “

Trust and reliability underpin everything we do

Customers know we are trustworthy and reliable.

We always keep our promises and meet our deadlines whilst retaining consistently high-quality products and services.

These promises cover all aspects of the business. Our success means we can choose who we do business with and we will turn away business that does not meet our core values and ethics.

Our first ever customer, one of the main scone producers in the UK, has been with us for over two decades. We have customers who have been with us for 15 to 20 years, and who have won awards for products developed with us.

For us, it is all about service, quality and value.

Who we are - House of Flavours

Long term relationships

We forge long-lasting relationships with everyone we do business with, from customers to suppliers. These relationships are key to our success. We are authentic, building genuine friendships which form a solid base on which to build our business.

We travel for the business, go to the marketplace, and get to know our suppliers and their products. We bring knowledge back to our new product development team. We work with customers to develop the products they need to be successful.

We are people persons. Our team has longevity built on real people and real relationships. We engage with a passion, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to develop new and better products to meet market and customer needs.

Our approach to business and our culture

Our people are incredibly important to us and we provide an environment where people want to come to work. We are calm, consistent and confident, engaging as a team business, not as individuals.

We reap the rewards of our people-focused approach. Our well-treated workforce repays us with quality and reliability, ready to go the extra mile when asked. You can rely on and trust us.

We are a close-knit team. We recognise that each individual is a specialist in their field and we benefit from a culture where anyone can bring their ideas to the owners, to be free to speak up when things need changing, to ensure we tap into the full capabilities and skills of every team member.

Responsible approach

We are a responsible company – from security to supporting local businesses – we are responsible for all our actions. Everything we do is done properly, and shortcuts are never taken. We pay attention to the detail –  from allergens to finance – so that the company runs smoothly.