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Flavour of The Month: Umami Caramel

Umami, translated from Japanese as ‘pleasant savoury tastes,’ stands out as one of the five key senses when experiencing flavour and is different from salt. Since early times when humans first began tasting foods, the flavour of umami has been intricately linked with protein, triggering the brain’s desire for more as a survival instinct.

Flavour of The Month: Pistachio

The pistachio affectionately nicknamed the “happy” or “smiling” nut, is a food gem that elicits positive sentiments. Steeped in history, pistachio trees are one of the oldest flowering nut trees, with evidence suggesting their consumption by common folks as early as 6750 BC.

Flavour of The Month: Pomegranate

After the nonstop delight of the Christmas food conveyor belt, a huge focus in January stirs towards “you are what you eat” – bring forth the power foods and what’s more appropriate than the pomegranate! Known for its round shape and distinct red seeds, this juicy, sweet-tart fruit comes with a multitude of health benefits from helping with digestion to powering the brain. The pomegranate is packed with nutrients that support several aspects of the body.