House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - January 2024 Pistachio

The premium nut

The pistachio affectionately nicknamed the “happy” or “smiling” nut, is a food gem that elicits positive sentiments. Steeped in history, pistachio trees are one of the oldest flowering nut trees, with evidence suggesting their consumption by common folks as early as 6750 BC.

Well, that’s before the era of the Queen of Sheba, who proclaimed, herself, that pistachios were a food exclusively reserved for royalty. It’s not hard to understand why—this sweet, piney, and nutty delight, with earthy undertones, has always stood out with its distinctive green and purple hues.

Native to Central Asia but cultivated throughout the Middle East, the pistachio has transcended its origins, influencing global cuisine with a particular emphasis on Middle Eastern dishes. From Kank, a traditional sweet, pistachio-infused honey cookies to Pistachio lamb Koftas with apricot relish – the versatility of pistachios shines through. Social media has even embraced a trend of using pistachios to season fried eggs. In addition, inspired by notions of royalty, pesto undergoes a luxurious transformation with a distinctive pistachio infusion, while nut spreads ascend to a premium status with the introduction of pistachio variants, outshining the conventional hazelnut.

Pistachios have long been cherished in the realm of sweets, notably in ice cream, where their natural creaminess and earthy nutty depth create a delightful combination. Topped with sea salt to cut through sweetness, pistachio-flavoured ice cream offers a delectable umami twist. Now, the beverage market is embracing pistachios, starting with pistachio hot chocolate—a perfect winter warmer. The coffee industry is also onboard, leveraging pistachios to balance the rich complexity of coffee, resulting in roasted, nutty, almost savoury notes, while layers of creaminess draw you in. On a spirited note, pistachios are being fat-washed into spirits for texture and flavour in cocktails, imparting nutty richness and a piney depth.

Beyond the indulgence, pistachios also find a place in the health market. With a substantial 20% protein content, they serve as a healthy fat, low in calories—ideal for a post-workout snack. Moderation is key, as they are considered metabolic boosters that may assist in weight balance. Pistachios align perfectly with the principles of a balanced diet, making them an ideal fit for those embracing the January wellness vibe.

While pistachios boast a rich and flavourful profile, there are instances where their distinct taste can become softened and merge with other ingredients during the application process. However, our Pistachio 85/23514, is a carefully crafted combination ensuring that vibrant green, sweet, and nutty notes of pistachios are not lost, allowing them to stand out and enhance the overall appeal of your product.

Indulge in the exquisite experience of a three-layered nutty biscuit, flavoured with Pistachio 85/23514. The foundation of the biscuit delivers a satisfying snap, harmonizing seamlessly with the delightful culmination of sweet, nutty pistachio undertones. The layers are generously filled with a luscious white chocolate ganache, flavoured with Raspberry 85/23343 and Pistachio 85/23514, creating a symphony of flavours with a burst of fruity goodness. This timeless combination skilfully harmonizes contrasting sweetness, whilst balancing buttery and tangy profiles.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - January 2024 Pistachio

A delightful fusion of two classic flavours: a Pistachio 85/23514-infused brioche base complemented by a Lemon 85/21240 flavoured custard. The velvety, buttery dough delicately melts in your mouth, revealing a subtle sweet nuttiness, to be met by a burst of lemon zest, offering a light, and refreshing sensation with each mouthful. To heighten the flavour profile further, the tart is topped with a Rose 85/21563 flavoured crumb, adding an extra layer of sophistication and floral notes.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - January 2024 Pistachio