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A classic still on-trend

The black forest gateau was designed to suit a multitude of occasions. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a unique Christmas dessert, a solemn funeral gathering, or a cheerful picnic with loved ones, this cake is meant to be enjoyed together.

The origins of the black forest gateau have sparked conflicting accounts, but the prevailing belief is that it originated in the German town of Baden-Wurttemberg. This town was renowned for its tart cherries and is credited with pioneering the incorporation of chocolate into cakes, a pivotal element of the black forest gateau’s essence. The cake consists of a velvety chocolate base layered with a luscious cherry filling. In its traditional form, the cake was infused with the town’s signature sour cherry liquor, Kirshwasser.

Nevertheless, as the recipe spread beyond Germany’s borders, each country embraced its own variations. Austrian renditions introduced rum, while British adaptations employed brandy to capture that alcoholic essence, primarily due to the elevated cost of Kirsch. By 1949, the black forest gateau had risen to become the 13th most popular cake in Germany.

In the United States, this delectable cake enjoys its own dedicated day of celebration, even though American recipes often omit the alcohol component. An intriguing variation known as the white forest gateau emerged, featuring a vanilla sponge base complemented by a filling of white chocolate and cherries. Some versions even incorporate a cream cheese frosting. Arguably, the black forest gateau has evolved into more of a guiding concept than a rigid structure, as the market has witnessed an explosion of creative possibilities. From the circular chocolate and cherry croissant to the chocolate arctic roll accompanied by a tart cherry sauce, the combinations have expanded considerably, with chocolate and cherries at the heart of it all.

Even the protein market has taken note of this trend, with an array of brands and products incorporating the marriage of chocolate and cherries to produce a sumptuous finish. The choices available are truly remarkable and diverse.

If you’re seeking the enticing taste of Black Forest, we have the perfect answer to infuse that delightful blend of chocolate and cherry essence into our offerings using Black Forest 85/22737. Experience the luscious touch of sour cherries soaked in jammy Kirsh, followed by a decadently rich chocolate finish that lingers – suited for protein products, fillings, baked goods, and cheeses.

A unique variation of Tiramisu, perfect for those who aren’t coffee enthusiasts. This rendition features a border of Sweet Cinnamon 85/19101 ladyfingers, imparting a delightful snickerdoodle cookie essence. The interior boasts a firm cream cheese filling infused with Black Forest 85/22737 flavour, amplifying the blend of tangy cherries and decadent chocolate notes. To complete this creation, a Kirsch 85/22347 infused chocolate mousse adds a lavish cherry liqueur finale, creating a rich and indulgent closure.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - December 2023 Black Forest

Are you prepared to indulge in a Christmas-inspired bun that will awaken your festive spirit? Crafted from a decadently enriched dough, this delightful pastry envelops an intricate swirl of an extraordinarily rich chocolate filling, infused with the exquisite essence of Black Forest 85/22737 flavour. With each delectable bite, you’ll experience a delightful burst of cherry that perfectly captures the essence of the black forest gateau.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - December 2023 Black Forest