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Flavour of The Month: Cola

Today, encountering someone unfamiliar with the symbolic essence of cola is a rarity. Whether crafted at home or obtained from renowned brands, virtually everyone holds a distinct preference for their favourite cola. While not everyone may pinpoint the precise components constituting cola’s unique flavour – a flavour often described as mythical – It is known that lime, vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus are integral components, each playing a crucial role in the overall composition. Though individually identifying cola by these elements might be challenging, blending them in the right proportions yields the universally cherished taste.

Flavour of The Month: Raspberry

The humble raspberry, renowned for its delightful blend of sweetness and tartness, effortlessly complements an array of tart, roasted, and creamy culinary creations.

Flavour of The Month: Sour Solution

The act of puckering one’s lips and experiencing a tingling sensation in the jaw, once instinctively associated with detecting the presence of poisonous or spoiled foods, has evolved into essential cues, guiding us through the exploration of diverse flavours and cuisines. The sour taste, triggered by a product’s low pH, whether coming from the acids in unripe fruit, spoiled milk, or the sharpness of confections, is a fundamental feature of our five senses, evoked by a chemical reaction.

Flavour of The Month: Coffee

Rise and shine to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, an essential product in 80% of households. This revitalizing elixir proudly holds the coveted title of Britain’s most cherished hot beverage. Coffee enthusiasts indulge in its diverse forms, from pure espresso to luxurious Frappuccino, showcasing its ever-expanding presence in the market. Each consumer imparts a personal twist, creating a unique satisfaction for every palate.

Flavour of The Month: Umami Caramel

Umami, translated from Japanese as ‘pleasant savoury tastes,’ stands out as one of the five key senses when experiencing flavour and is different from salt. Since early times when humans first began tasting foods, the flavour of umami has been intricately linked with protein, triggering the brain’s desire for more as a survival instinct.

Flavour of The Month: Pistachio

The pistachio affectionately nicknamed the “happy” or “smiling” nut, is a food gem that elicits positive sentiments. Steeped in history, pistachio trees are one of the oldest flowering nut trees, with evidence suggesting their consumption by common folks as early as 6750 BC.