House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - March 2024 Coffee

How do you take your morning brew?

Rise and shine to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, an essential product in 80% of households. This revitalizing elixir proudly holds the coveted title of Britain’s most cherished hot beverage. Coffee enthusiasts indulge in its diverse forms, from pure espresso to luxurious Frappuccino, showcasing its ever-expanding presence in the market. Each consumer imparts a personal twist, creating a unique satisfaction for every palate.

Unravelling the complexities of coffee’s flavour journey is a fascinating odyssey. The intricate processes, from climate conditions to roasting techniques, leave an indelible mark on the final taste. Within the roasted bean alone, a staggering 800 aroma molecules await, their transformation dependant on roasting time. A shorter roast extract nuanced flavours from the bean’s origin, while a longer roast intensifies the roasted notes, unveiling hints of chocolate or spices—a delightful exploration of taste.

As coffee consumption varies across generations, baby boomers enjoy an average of 2 ½ cups daily, while Gen Z opts for ½ to 1 cup daily. Yet, innovative ways to relish coffee’s delightful flavour continue to emerge.

Picture coffee-matured goats cheese with a brine-washing, harmonizing fruity and floral notes, or savour coffee-infused French toast, expertly balancing bitterness with egg for a delectable breakfast treat. For those on the move, Riesen introduces a chocolate espresso shot enrobed in a chocolate shell for a one-bite coffee indulgence.

In the realm of beverage innovation, coffee’s remarkable pairing capabilities push boundaries. Starbucks pioneers the addition of olive oil, lending a nutty sweetness to the brew. Meanwhile, inspired by Japan, cola finds its way into Frappuccino, creating a reminiscent cola float sensation. Simultaneously, brands harness coffee’s caffeine prowess, offering solutions for an energy-packed day. Nexba combine coffee with kombucha for a gut health pick-me-up, while Velo coffee collaborations with protein brands add 12g of protein per serving. A new probiotic release even incorporates coffee, emphasizing its role in restoring gut microbiota as a health benefit beyond mere energy release. Coffee, it seems, is not just a beverage; it’s an ever-evolving experience and a source of inspiration for innovation.

As the world increasingly directs its attention towards the energy expended in crop cultivation, coffee emerges under the spotlight as one of the most water-intensive foods to produce. Fear not, for we present a solution to enjoy that exceptional flavour while addressing these concerns with our Espresso 85/22825.

Introducing a delightful fusion of the timeless iced bun with the Korean, Rotibun. This hybrid creation is crafted from an enriched dough accompanied by an Espresso 85/22825 flavoured sponge baked into the crust. The espresso imparts a lingering note of roasted coffee to compliment the sweet bun. Its luscious filling is a harmonious blend of milk chocolate ganache, balancing the flavours of Oreo Cookie Type 85/23525 and Espresso 85/22825. This results in a sumptuous marriage of rich chocolate undertones, creating an indulgent harmony of biscuity mocha delight.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - March 2024 Coffee

Elevating the traditional trifle to a lavish coffee-infused delight, our rendition begins with a sponge base flavoured with Almond 85/18598. The sponge is topped with a milk chocolate Espresso 85/22825 flavoured ganache, artfully blending the rich notes of coffee and chocolate. The heart of this creation features a Mocha 85/23511 flavoured mousse, finishing with an Espresso 85/23442 flavoured cream that imparts a robust coffee kick in every decadent bite Encircling this indulgent delight are Irish cream 85/22825 flavoured Madeleine, delivering a delightful interplay of sweet and creamy sensations, savouring a luxurious Irish coffee experience.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - March 2024 Coffee