House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - December 2022 Christmas Pudding

Spotlight: Set it alight…

ITS CHRISTMAS! Oh yes – that officially means calories do not exist until the new year. It’s the season for, indulging in, great food with family and friends. Each year brings a new set of traditions as households grow and supermarket shelves expand from the traditional turkey to the puff pastry salmon slice or even the vegan nut roast – there is something for everyone!

Each Year new items hit the shelves for Christmas ranging from savoury to sweet. However, the classics are still going strong with traditional fayre like Christmas pudding remaining the “dessert of the day” favourite. Legend says, Christmas pudd can be traced back to medieval England where it was made from 13 ingredients said to represent Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples, although written recipes were not recorded until the 17th century and showed a little more complexity. Known for its dense fruity nature, recipes for this dessert have previously been handed down through family generations all adding their own unique twist. Possibly a little different today, as its commercially available in the supermarket. However, with a younger, new market to target, Christmas pudding’s have been renovated with new elements being added to the classic dessert – Aldi booze it up with champagne and bucks fizz, whereas M&S really want to highlight those fruity notes by adding cherry and orange liqueur to their Christmas pudding wreath.

Not only is the classic pudding having a revamp as new innovative ideas flood in, but the classic Christmas pudding flavours are also hitting markets other than just in dessert – for the savoury toothed among us, Tesco have released Christmas pudding crisps, or for a pairing with your tea, Whittards released an all butter, Christmas pudding biscuit. Of course, let’s not forget about the perfect pairing of Christmas pudding and rum, so why not have them distilled together creating a liqueur which combines those sweet sensational notes – What new twist on this tradition has tickled your taste buds this year?

The internal innovations team did not want to miss out on the hybrid hype either so created two new concepts using House of Flavours’ Christmas Pudding 85/21034 flavour which is perfect for custards, bakery, and fruits, – it creates a spicy, sweet fruity flavour with a citrus end note.

Good enough to hang on the tree? These chocolate Christmas baubles are layered with Mandarin 85/21060 flavoured buttercream, Brandy 85/23178 flavoured caramel and at the heart? There’s an indulgent Christmas pudding 85/21034 flavoured brownie. We used the mandarin to highlight the natural citrus notes, and the rum to add a boozy sensation, and the Christmas pudding flavour is enhanced further to create a whole Christmas experience in every bite.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - December 2022 Christmas Pudding

Check out those buttery layers as we transform a standard croissant into a Christmas miracle! These hand-crafted swirls are bang on trend and are filled with a Christmas pudding 85/21034 flavoured custard. The fruity, spicy flavour burst of the custard core, mystifies the brain as the buttery, flaky texture of the croissant takes over – transforming a dense rich pudding into a light, melt-in-the-mouth dessert.


House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - December 2022 Christmas Pudding