House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - May 2023 Burnt Butter

Spotlight: It’s about to get a little bit sweeter

Butter is back in the spotlight, but this time we want a more impactful flavour. Known for its sweet, creamy, lactic notes, butter’s versatile nature adds richness to a cake, the moisture onto a slice of toast and the creaminess in the mash. Social media’s butter boards kicked us off by pairing butter with an array of flavours from herbs, vegetables, fruits, and meats, to be enjoyed scooped up with bread – yet there is another way to get the deeper flavour out of butter.

Beurree noisette or ‘hazelnut butter’ is classically used in French cuisine and is translated as brown butter. It is made by cooking out butter’s available water and caramelising the milk solids to form a deep, nutty, toasted intense flavour. This one-ingredient masterpiece can be transformed in 5 minutes and if often used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Making its mark in restaurants, chefs are transforming their pasta dishes by creating burnt butter sauces.

One chef is pairing it with the naturally sweet pumpkin to create nutty pine nut and peppery sage in a ravioli, then using the nutty notes of the butter to accentuate the fruity and nutty aromas of the parmesan which is placed on top. For all those meat lovers, another chef created a burnt butter spaghetti dish topped with chicken and salted capers – playing with that sweet and savoury twist we have all grown to love. For the appetiser maybe a wasabi or caramelised onion burnt butter, offering two very different flavour profiles to compliment pre-dining sourdough.  

Ever thought about burning the butter before adding it to your caramel? Or perhaps a deeper intense browner flavour to your blondie? When using burnt butter, in these products they get transformed, creating a deeper, more treacle-like finish to the product. Alternatively, back to basics, using whipped burnt butter and a little sea salt, to make the perfect accompaniment to any dessert – have you tried it yet?

Piqued your curiosity but don’t want the price of dairy or have any inconsistency? Bring forwards Burnt Butter 85/23435 to ensure the perfect flavour every time. This flavour is ideal for dairy, sponge, and bread to create a more intense, nutty, toasted flavour.

A 6-layered dessert taking inspiration from the Plaisir Sucre. The initial layer is a soft, crunchy cornflake roulade flavoured with Burnt Butter 85/23435, and topped with a coconut praline using Chocolate Hazelnut 85/23051 flavour – combining the sweet crunchy Malteser like meringue with a nutty, toasted, and creamy praline. The next layer, in between squares of milk and white chocolate, is an intensely rich dark chocolate ganache using Honey 85/21564 to add sweetness and balance out the bitterness of the cocoa bean. The final layer is a milk chocolate Chantilly cream flavoured with Burnt Butter 85/23435 to create a caramelised, indulgent note to the product before more meringue is added for decoration.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - May 2023 Burnt Butter

Do it like the Italians do, with this light and soft Italian brioche. The perfect accompaniment to be dipped into a luxurious latte, this layered dough is flavoured with Burnt Butter 85/23435. The sweet, nutty notes of the brioche, pair perfectly with the sweet but roasted nature of the coffee and are complimented by the thick texture of the milk – the sensation is best described as warm butter melted into a soft dough.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - May 2023 Burnt Butter