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Spotlight: A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop, A-lop-bam-boom!

Tutti Frutti, maybe better known as lyrics rather than flavour, is a combination like no other. Translated from its Italian origin as “mixed fruit”, the flavour profile isn’t any clearer. In fact, Tutti Fruit is best described as a mythical, man-made flavour and although most people will have likely tried it, the flavour itself is subjective to that of its creator.

Remember the classic gum balls; bright, bold, vibrant, and Tutti Frutti flavour? This flavour was first introduced as a sweet loose fruity alternative to the original black liquorice gum, but Tutti Frutti quickly became the dominant flavour and started to present itself across other alternatives in a packet of candy sweets or the Tutti Frutti ice lolly.

However, the origins of this flavour go back to the 1800 when households would create jars of Tutti Frutti as a way of preserving fruits to provide nutritional support during the winter. The process would start in May, once the strawberries had come into season, combining a basic balance of sugar, fruit, and brandy. The recipe would be handed down from the previous generation, to ensure the perfect Tutti Frutti flavour was achieved.

Although any fruit could be used traditionally it was made up of strawberries, raspberries, stone fruits, cherries, and pineapples with the sole aim to keep the colour vibrant.

An essential element of the Tutti Frutti experience is the range of colours associated with this flavour as it becomes an important part of the sensory experience when consuming it. Although not defined to one fruity flavour, the vibrant nature of the name, encourages us to associate it with bright, vibrant colours providing a nostalgic feel.

Present-day Tutti Frutti is a flavour associated with desserts; in the western part of the world Tutti Frutti is commonly seen in ice cream with multi-coloured inclusions, whereas in the Netherlands and Belgium, Tutti Frutti arrives as an array of different dried fruits served as a dessert on its own. This is the modern-day twist on the Tutti Frutti preserve which originally used to accompany savoury dishes, being paired with breads, meats and even vegetables to create more depth to the dinner table – with Tutti Frutti making a comeback, maybe we will see it on the Sunday roast next?

Whether you choose to pair it with sweet or savoury, we have our own unique Tutti Frutti flavouring that hits the sweet spot. This flavour takes you back to those sweet, slightly fruity bubble-gum days, balancing fruit esters to create the perfect combination – Tutti Frutti 85/22491 is ideal for bakery, dairy and confectionery.

Inspired by the origins of Tutti Frutti, the aroma of the cake overtook the kitchen. A classic sponge, flavoured with Tutti Frutti 85/22491 is paired with a Vanilla 85/21848 and Brandy 85/23178 buttercream – creating a combination that utilises both the fruity nature of the brandy and the creaminess of the vanilla to turn this nostalgic flavour into a luxury cake. The final fruity layer is Pineapple 85/17588 flavoured jelly, providing a light, refreshing fruity burst, within the first bite.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - April 2023 Dates

Cheeky cake donut anyone? These Tutti Frutti 85/22491 flavoured delights are designed for a youthful experience, stripping back to the sweet, slightly fruity flavour we all know. The naturally savoury, buttery, nature of the dough, pushes forward the layers of sweet fruit, creating a delicately light sensation – one won’t be enough.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - April 2023 Dates