House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - June 2024 Cola

Can you guess the key flavours?

Today, encountering someone unfamiliar with the symbolic essence of cola is a rarity. Whether crafted at home or obtained from renowned brands, virtually everyone holds a distinct preference for their favourite cola. While not everyone may pinpoint the precise components constituting cola’s unique flavour – a flavour often described as mythical – It is known that lime, vanilla, cinnamon, and citrus are integral components, each playing a crucial role in the overall composition. Though individually identifying cola by these elements might be challenging, blending them in the right proportions yields the universally cherished taste.

Imagine a scenario: the sun radiating warmth, beads of sweat accumulated from outdoor pursuits, and in hand, a glass of chilled cola adorned with ice, delivering a rejuvenating burst with each sip. Despite sugary beverages being the focal point of health concerns, the market now witnesses a surge in healthier alternatives. Bobby, for instance, introduces low-calorie and low-sugar soft drinks like vanilla cola or incorporates innovative ingredients such as cascara to replicate a similar taste. Cascara, derived from the fermented and dried husks of coffee fruit or ‘cherries,’ imparts a fruity floral flavour with subtle sweetness.

In contrast to the conventional cola, cascara boasts a myriad of benefits, ranging from anti-inflammatory properties to a rich array of polyphenols, offering protection against certain cancers. This alternative not only breaks away from the norm but also serves as a commendable, healthier, low-sugar choice. Staying true to the low-sugar trend, Funday Sweet has unveiled its inaugural sour cola sweets, featuring a remarkable 89% reduction in sugar compared to the previous version, attesting to the enduring popularity of nostalgic cola bottle flavours.

Cola, while not topping the popularity charts, remains a pivotal player in the world of innovative flavour creations. The resurgence of the “Coke Float”, where traditional ice cream gives way to frozen yogurt, complemented by the introduction of dulce de leche for added flavour depth. Japan has taken the concept further with a Frappuccino featuring a caffeine-infused blend of coffee, cream, lime, and cola. On a spirited note, a canned cocktail option in the UK combines coffee, cola, and rum, while the classic combination of Bundaberg Rum’s new Silver Reserve with spiced blonde cola strikes a perfect balance between fruity and sweet notes. In the realm of mixology, a house-clarified cola serves as the base for a savoury cocktail, skilfully pairing roasted mushrooms with tequila, rum, and bourbon. The lingering question remains: how does this unique cola infusion fare in the realm of cakes?

Excited to explore that fantastic taste but hesitant about branded products falling short? Our Cola flavour delivers those sweet, tangy, and fruity notes with a punch. It’s perfect for achieving balance when paired with a variety of flavours.

Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic Coke float, this tart features a chocolate pastry infused with our Vanilla flavour and baked with a chocolate fondant flavoured with Orange. This creates a creamy citrus base. Inside, a Cola-flavoured caramel adds a delightful balance of spice and rich, caramelized sweetness. Topping it off is a whipped white chocolate ganache using Toasted Marshmallow, recreating the sweet, melt-in-your-mouth “ice cream” effect reminiscent of the classic float.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - June 2024 Cola

Introducing Flapjack Two-Point O. At its heart lies a flapjack ball infused with the uplifting Cola flavour, enhancing the oats with a delicate spice and fruity sensation. Encased in a Namakula cream and a white chocolate ganache flavoured with Coconut Cream, it introduces a creamy soft layer to the chewy flapjack. All resting atop a Lime-flavoured biscuit, accentuating and harmonising with the lime notes in the cola.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - June 2024 Cola