House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - May 2024 Raspberry

Why so sour?

The humble raspberry, renowned for its delightful blend of sweetness and tartness, effortlessly complements an array of tart, roasted, and creamy culinary creations.

Its nuanced flavour profile derives depth from the seeds, introducing a subtle woody note, while its aroma, characterised by a floral essence with a tangy core, further enhances its appeal. This versatile fruit enjoys a resurgence each spring and summer but remains a delectable option even in the colder months.

The popularity of raspberries has differed from the standard association with sweet baked goods, giving rise to innovative and unexpected applications for this fruity delight. As soft fruits like raspberries solidify their presence in the beverage industry, strategic pairings play a focal role in making them stand out. An example of simplicity is found in bubble tea, featuring a raspberry and lime infusion. Delving into more complex territory, sake-based cocktails are elevated with a finishing touch of sea salt raspberry foam—a harmonious marriage of savoury and tart fruity elements, delivering a texture that literally melts in the mouth.

For health-conscious consumers, the raspberry emerges as a flourishing flavour option in kombucha, boasting high nutrient content, fibre, and antioxidant richness. In the world of focus-driven sodas, where caffeine serves to alert the consumer, the raspberry becomes crucial, masking the bitter, alkaline undertones inherent in caffeine to craft a sensory experience that is both fruity, floral, and slightly creamy. On the sour side, the blue raspberry trend emerges, amplifying the tart nature of raspberries in beverages, crafting a thirst-quenching delight that captivates the palate.

As the raspberry undergoes an evolution, it transcends its traditional boundaries, gaining favour in the savoury sector. A new form of ketchup emerges, pairing smoked onions with maple and raspberry, crafting a spicy-hot ketchup variation for the refrigerator. These savoury alternative sparks the inception of a creative line of desserts, where the artful use of fermented raspberry sauce imparts a sour-enhanced flavour, seamlessly paired with smoky undertones and the richness of goats cheese – It’s only a matter of time until the next innovative creation emerges for this sought-after fruit.

Whether you seek sweetness, tartness, floral notes, or a touch of woody essence, raspberries offer a versatile canvas that can be amplified through diverse applications and ingredients. The sweet and fresh profile of Raspberry stands out, making it the ideal choice for sweet-based products.

Indulge in this delightful vegan sponge where fresh raspberries meet the enhanced profile of Raspberry, intensifying the red tart fruity flavour that carries through in the sponge. To elevate the sponge further, a touch of Vanilla, imparts a creamy note, further enhanced by the raspberry vegan marshmallow infused with Cream, resulting in a harmonious raspberry ripple flavour pairing that’s both luscious and plant based. Finished with a Cream flavoured coconut cream for a silky finish.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - May 2024 Raspberry

Harnessing the natural components between raspberries and dairy, this concept takes advantage of the inherent notes in raspberries that pair seamlessly with dairy products. The creamy cheesecake base is infused with the essence of Raspberry, delivering a fruity, almost yoghurt-like sensation. The cheesecake is topped with a jelly flavoured with Raspberry, creating a delightful sweet-tart and vibrant finish that perfectly contrasts the dairy richness. To elevate the sweetness, the creation is then adorned with a white chocolate piece and Vanilla buttercream, enhancing the overall indulgence of this decadent treat.