House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - September 2023 Honey

The beautiful artistry of bees

Honey, adding its delicious touch to both savoury and sweet dishes, whilst also providing medicinal properties and mood-booting powers – what else can this miracle substance do?

The importance of bees and their honey-making skills has been idealised from ancient Egyptian times, where bees are frequently depicted, in hieroglyphics, as symbols of royalty due to the laborious work involved in producing this precious substance. Just one jar of honey requires the gathering of nectar from two million flowers, bought back to the hive and regurgitated several times before being deposited on the honeycomb. Despite this intricate process, honey remains readily available in local supermarkets.
Throughout history, honey has been in high demand, with various culinary uses ranging from ancient Egyptians offering it in cakes to the gods to contemporary Moroccan kitchens seasoning tomatoes with honey. Mirroring today, honey continues to be a popular healthier alternative to sugar in cakes and sweet treats, as well as new market launches like honey-sweetened tomato ketchup.

This luxurious sweet golden liquid is celebrated in numerous cuisines, often each using their local honey with unique attributes influenced by the climate and pollen sources.

Greek cuisine, for instance, alternates between using honey in sweet cheesecakes and drizzling it on savoury cheese boards. Asian cuisines combine honey with sweet, sour, and hot flavours, contributing to global trends of chilli/hot honey. Which has gained significant popularity recently, inspiring further honey infusions with savoury ingredients like truffle and mustard.

Beyond its delicious taste, honey serves as a natural sugar replacement, helping to maintain consistent blood sugar levels and offering various healing properties. The age-old remedy of consuming honey and lemon when feeling unwell attests to its therapeutic potential. However, the continuous demand for honey and declining bee populations since 2000 have led to higher prices and limited availability. Consequently, the market has seen a surge in new and exclusive honey varieties, like the esteemed UAE’s RAK Samar honey, priced at £75 per jar.

Although bees’ incredible skill in producing honey is widely admired, the growing popularity of veganism has spurred the creation of honey substitutes using ingredients such as dandelions, apples, and chamomile. While these alternatives might not offer the exact health benefits of traditional honey, they provide a guilt-free option. Natural flavourings added to these substitutes enhance the experience, providing a delightful finishing touch.

If you’re seeking to infuse your product with the delightful taste of honey, elevate an existing honey flavour, or strike the perfect balance between cost and flavour impact, we have just the right solution for you. Like the diverse array of honey types available, we offer a range of honey flavourings, for our concepts we proudly present Honey 85/21564—a floral yet sweet honey flavour ideal for bakery, dairy, confectionery, and vegan alternatives.

Looking for a delightful addition to your afternoon tea? This petite cup holds a delectable cheesecake flavoured with Honey 85/21564 and Mango 85/18090. The honey lends its sweet and floral notes to harmonize with the tropical fruity essence of the mango, creating a perfect balance. To complete, a subtly flavoured combination of Mango 85/18090 and spicy Heat Sensation 85/22065 flavoured ganache tops the cheesecake – the mango adding indulgent sweetness and the gentle heat providing a multifaceted experience as you enjoy each bite.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - September 2023 Honey

Embark on a vibrant journey of floral joy with these blooming cupcakes. The sumptuous chocolate sponge carries a velvety, buttery floral character achieved by the addition of Honey 85/21564. Each cupcake is elegantly decorated with a lavish Honey 85/21564 infused buttercream, accompanied by dainty white chocolate petals that enhance the sweetness and evoke the essence of savouring honey directly from the jar.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - September 2023 Honey