House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - August 2023 White Peach

Don’t go fuzzing my heart

It’s time to shine the spotlight on a remarkable drupe, the white peach. Often overlooked, these peaches are renowned for their soft, edible skin, juicy flesh, and stone centre. While peaches reach their peak season during the summer months as they ripen on trees, they are available throughout the year due to cultivation in both the northern and southern hemispheres. The life cycle of peach trees involves the formation of flowers from year-old shoots that have been exposed to the cold, followed by pollination with the help of diligent bees, leading to the development and ripening of the peaches.

So, what makes white peaches stand out? Their distinguishing feature lies in their champagne-coloured flesh, adding an elegant touch to their appearance. In terms of flavour, white peaches offer a softer and sweeter taste compared to their yellow counterparts, which tend to be more tart. In 2022, white peach ice cream gained popularity after Jamie Oliver shared a refreshing and tangy recipe, perfect for beating the summer heat.

Following suit, the beverage market has embraced this flavour, with Whitley Neils incorporating it into their gin collection. Mixologists have transformed the classic “sex on the beach” cocktail into “peach on the beach,” indicating a resurgence of interest in this delightful flavour. Non-alcoholic options have also emerged, such as white peach lemonade or peach kombucha, providing refreshing and lighter alternatives to traditional choices.

Internationally, Choco Pie in Vietnam celebrated the Tet festival by introducing a limited-edition Sakura and white peach flavoured Choco pie. This juicy burst of floral flavour from the white peach beautifully complemented the sweet floral essence of the Sakura blossom. For those seeking a Savory twist, white peaches have found their way onto cheese boards, where they are drizzled with honey and chili, serving as delightful accompaniments to classic cheeses like white stilton or salty brie – it’s time this was stable in your household.

To truly savour the delightful essence of peaches, why settle for just one option? When it comes to capturing the essence of summer, white peach takes the spotlight. Our White Peach 85/ 23488 flavour offers a vibrant experience, with its crisp, fruity, and floral notes. It’s the perfect addition to elevate your bakery creations, dairy products, and confectionery treats.

Indulge in the ultimate summertime delight with this mouthwatering traybake. Featuring a White Peach 85/23488 flavoured sponge cake, enhanced by a luscious buttercream infused with Sweet Cinnamon 85/19101 and Caramelized White Chocolate 85/22608 – a true sensory explosion. The crispy and floral essence of the peach is beautifully accentuated by the sweet and spicy undertones of the buttercream, creating a burst of flavours that tantalize the taste buds. To elevate the experience even further, the entire slice is elegantly drizzled with a Blueberry 85/23464 flavoured caramel, intensifying the delightful floral notes of summer.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - August 2023 White Peach

This delightful Danish delicacy features a decadent chocolate pastry foundation with luscious white chocolate and custard flavoured with the delightful essence of White Peach 85/23488. The harmonious blend of white chocolate and white peach produces a sumptuous explosion of fruity flavours, perfectly complemented by the velvety cocoa undertones of the buttery pastry.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - August 2023 White Peach