House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - July 2022 Smoke

Light it up, things are about to get smoky…

The sweet sound of sizzling, the tranquilising smell of smoke, the inner homo sapiens senses being triggered – food is close by, the BBQ has been lit. Whether its sausages, tomatoes or s’mores there is nothing like the sweet tangy flavour of smoked food to add depth to any dish.

Traditionally, the method of smoking was used to preserve meats and fish dating as far back as the Palaeolithic age. Smoke, initially stimulated by smell, awakens a preconceived impression before consumption, bypassing the sweet, salty, sour, bitter or umami receptors commonly associated with mouthfeel and flavours – effectively taking advantage of this can create layers on layers of flavour. In fact, the ever-expanding vegan market has taken a leaf out of the carnivore book and started to combine smoke with vegetables/plant-based foods, to create the missing layer of umami typically found in meat – from carrots to lentils, smoking has inspired chefs to add a new depth of flavour to any dish.

Let’s not overlook the drinks industry with Whiskey sitting on the top shelf showing off the power of barrel ageing with a monumental pairing of smoke with sweet vanilla to enhance the natural woody, caramel notes of the product. Alternatively, bartenders ramp up their cocktails by smoking cinnamon sticks or wood burning to layer flavour, elevating the sensory and drinking experience.

The snack market isn’t missing out either, smoking nuts to intensify the natural roasted woody notes and finishing off with some powerful chilli heat. Not to mention, on the sweeter side, honey uses smoke to create a savoury underlining layer boosting the naturally warm, fruity notes from the honey – smoke transporting food to new sensations.

The method of smoking can be a long process and can be fairly hands-on to achieve the desired results, but House of Flavours can do one better and have a concentrated liquid solution, ready for use, achieving the same desired flavour. Bring out our natural flavouring Smokey 085/22336 – ideal for bakery, dairy, honey, and confectionery.

Presenting a mini layer cake, containing three layers consisting of Smokey 085/22336 and Marshmallow 085/22492, to create a sweet, woody, toasted flavour profile – comparable to a campfire sensation. The sponge is then complimented with three layers of Whiskey 085/23347 and Chocolate Fudge Brownie 085/22817 flavoured buttercream – the Whiskey 085/23347 creates a boozy biscuit base note whilst the Chocolate Fudge Brownie 085/22817 combined with the chocolate shaving outside creates the melted chocolate aspect turning the whole cake into a boozy s’mores duplicate.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - July 2022 Smoke

Don’t have a BBQ available? What if we told you these Smokey 085/22336 cheesy rolls recreate that BBQ sensation without the work? Adding Smokey 085/22336 and cheese to a white burger and hot dog bun created a creamy, lactic grilled BBQ sensation that perfectly complimented both burger and hot dogs – perfect for taking Vegan and Carnivore dishes to the next level.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - July 2022 Smoke