Things are heating up, but how much can you handle

How much HEAT, is too much? A nation dividing question, either you want the heat to blow your head off or you are afraid to touch anything attached to the word ‘hot’ for the fear of blowing your head off. These widespread views have never stopped chefs from creating masterpieces to showcase what adding a little bit of heat can do; sensational pairings to create a complexity of tastes while demonstrating the diverse nature of heat on a dish.

In recent years, the perception of heat has changed as consumers become more open to trying new favours from across the world, many incorporating varying levels of heat. During the pandemic the market saw a rise in consumers experimenting with different products to experience different tastes and the sensation that came with it – whether it’s a cooling sensation from mint, the bitter-sweet tang from citrus or the tingly sensation from heat, consumers want it all.

Adding heat to any dish has always been an artform, the ability to correctly balance flavour with sensation. With plenty of heat sources to choose from, a variety of sensations are created chilli is known to provide a fiery burn at the back of the tongue whereas wasabi or horseradish is known to
stimulate the nose.

Not only do these spicy ingredients create different sensations but additionally require different flavours to balance a dish out. In Asian cuisine heat is often paired with fragrant and aromatic flavours, while Caribbean cuisine is known famously for its balance of chilli heat and spices to provide that exclusive jerk chicken flavour, alternatively Mexican cuisine uses ingredients like creamy avocado to cut the heat in dishes.

Savoury pairings aside, the trend of pairing hot and sweet should not be missed; check out the fiery honey hitting the shelves again and not forgetting the classic pairing of chilli and chocolate. We are also seeing new markets get their hot on as hot cross buns have appeared with chilli and
masala or jalapenos and cheese options the possibilities are endless.

Surrounded by multiple options of heat to choose from, we turned our
attention to two heat sources: Jalapeno 085/22134 and Chilli 085/21799. The Jalapeno 085/22134 creates a direct green refreshing flavour whereas the Chilli 085/21799 creates a dominant red fiery kick both suitable for soups, bakery, dairy, and chocolate applications.

On the sweeter side, Jalapeno 085/22134 was showcased and paired with Blackberry 085/22591 in the sponge base both flavours joined together creating a green fruity sensation with a delicate heat note. To further increase and accentuate the heat level Heat sensation 085/22066 was additionally put in the sponge creating a back of tongue sensation when consuming the cake. The whole cake was topped with a fruity buttercream flavoured with Rhubarb 085/22734 that uplifted the whole product creating a light and summer dessert.

House of Flavours - Follow Our Flavour
House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - Heat Sensation - Chilli

Get ready for breakfast with this mushroom, cheese, and chilli loaf, using our Chilli 085/21799 to create layers of flavour the Chilli 085/21799 compliments the savoury umami flavouring coming from the mushroom and the creaminess of the cheese cut through the heat, leaving a brief sensation on the back of the tongue. This chilli loaf is ideal for any meal, whether to spice up breakfast or create a kick out of lunch this bread has you covered.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - Heat Sensation - Chilli