Flavour of the month - Lime

Get ready to have your taste buds tingling as lime gets a remodel…

CITRUS IS BACK! While we continue to be inspired by global influence, Mexico takes centre stage with Latino flavour combinations storming the market. Frequently seen paired with tequila, lime is making a comeback and is predicted as one of the upcoming flavours in the snack market.

Known for being the sharpest member of the citrus family, limes versatile nature allows it to balance the sweetness of confectionery items with its sour and bitter notes, typically seen in the classic dessert Key Lime Pie. Lime can also provide an intense salted note when added as the finishing ingredient in Salsa, helping establish its place in both the savoury and sweet market.

This little green fruit is not only seen for its impactful flavour but also for added health benefits as a source of antioxidants and high levels of vitamin C, helping to boost the immune system. As a healthy lifestyle is on the forefront of our minds this January, food with added benefits ties into the trend of
customers wanting more out of what they are eating. As the demand rises for requiring more out of food, this trend is only expected to grow as product
manufacturers strive for opportunities to have additional benefits listed in bold on their packaging as a way of enticing customers in.

In the market, lime flavour is trending from Key Lime Pie inspired KitKat to salted lime flavoured tortilla chips, and even a heat inspired chilli and
lime Margarita – the market cannot get enough of this citrus wonder.

Like most citrus fruit there are several species of lime, each creating a unique flavour. For our concepts we have chosen Lime 085/23277, producing a high zesty flavour with a juicy end note, perfect for bakery and dairy applications.

Inspired by the classic dessert Key Lime Pie, this mini loaf cake uses a combination of biscuit 085/22125 and lime 085/23277 in the sponge to recreate the rich, buttery pastry and sweet lime curd filling. The sponge is then topped with a lavish layer of candyfloss 085/21218 flavoured buttercream and sprinkled with popping candy to reinvent the crunchy but soft meringue top – all finished with lime 085/23277 jelly for an extra citrus kick.

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House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - Lime

Lime is not only inspiring sweet creations but is also gaining pace for savoury pairings with trending combinations such as lime and chilli on the rise.
This popular flavour blend influenced these mini soft white rolls, flavoured with lime 085/23277 and chilli 085/21799, creating a burst of fresh citrus with an underlying heat sensation. It is then completed, with our coconut cream 085/22504 flavour to form a rich but soft harmony, which can elevate any sandwich – even a simple filling of cucumber and cream cheese created a flavour explosion.

House of Flavour - Flavour of the month - Lime