The Milkshake Trend

According to Our Food Trends friends The Food People ( the trend for Glutonous Comfort is not going away and, if anything, it is just set to get bigger.

Consumers are embracing favourite childhood treats more than ever and “Americana Gluttony” is the most popular (milkshakes, donuts).

So we thought it was time shouted about what we can do with Milkshake flavours. If haven’t tried them yet, you need to.

Perfect for use in sponges, breads and buttercreams these flavours enable the milkshake flavour to enhance so many of your BAKERY products, and whats best, its bang on trend.

Get your samples today and try it for yourself;

HoF Milk Flavour 85/2111

HoF Strawberry Flavour 85/19303

HoF Chocolate Flavour 85/21849

Hof Banana Flavours 85/20895

Our Development Baker Pete Breese is a big fan; ” Whats great about the HoF milk flavours is that you can create the milkshake flavour out of anything, if you want cocktail flavours, biscuit flavours, anything! If you want it, we can Milkshake it!”

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