New House of Flavours MD announced!

House of Flavours is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Managing Director this spring! 


THE long esteemed and respected Owner of House of Flavours Clive Matthews, handed the MD baton on to Development Director Dave Twiss this Easter.

The company which was formed over 2 decades ago supplies flavourings to a large range of companies around the county, including some of the UK’s largest bakeries.

Dave, who has been with House of Flavours for 18 years, has taken over the running at one of the busiest times of year for the company, and he says he is excited to be taking on the role at such a critical stage of House of Flavours development;

 “ It’s  my desire that that we not only take pride in our achievements so far, but use this time of change as an opportunity to learn and focus on where the company ought to be in the years ahead.

I take pride in the wonderful team of dedicated food industry professionals within the team around me, who will undoubtedly drive the business to the next level.

Customers and clients who know me, will understand my passion for the industry we are in, and my dedication to building lasting relationships in all sections of the food industry.”

On the announcement of Clive becoming Research and Development Director Dave says,  “ I am delighted that Clive has agreed to head up our R&D department, as his skills, experience, and wealth of knowledge will be key to developing our future innovation in the products that we create and sell, as well as projects we take on for our customers.”

House of Flavours was born in 1996 out of sister company NET International (the Product Development Innovators and Facilitators). It was created in response to customer demand for flavourings and ingredients for New Product Development.

As both Chairman and R&D Director Clive says “Now is the time to invest resource into House of Flavours Research and Development of Ingredients and Flavourings to supply – if not lead – a new generation of innovations.

I am excited to help steer the company into the future (if not back to its origins!) by researching both in the market place for new trends and by developing new offerings for a new world by taking over the role of Chairman whilst, at the same time, becoming Director of Research and Development and, effectively, going back to my roots!

I leave the position of Managing Director in the experienced and extremely capable hands of Dave Twiss who is now in his 18th year with House of Flavours as he takes over the day-to-day management of the company from 1st April 2017

Dave is a highly experience Food Industry Professional whose formal training was in Food Technology with Marketing and he is the person largely responsible for the success of House of Flavours, having lead the sales team for much of his time with us.  Until this appointment Dave was Development Director and he will retain his responsibility for Sales ongoing

Our approach to our customers and potential customers going forwards will be;

‘By helping our customers to grow their businesses through innovation, we grow our own’”

The team behind Dave and Clive wish them all the best of success and are both excited and committed in their roles to drive the future success of House of Flavours.

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