At House of Flavours we also offer a service for beverages and functional products.

We supply a broad range of companies with flavourings for products such pro-biotic yogurts, pharmaceuticals and medicine, sports drinks, flavoured waters and much more.

Case Studies

Off Notes in Bakery Products

A customer had a requirement to combine together several different types of grain to create a specialty baked product. However when combined and baked the end product had a bitter taste that was unacceptable. HoF were asked if they could help.

This was a new problem to HoF but our previous experience allowed us to isolate the chemical notes that were creating the bitterness taste, our flavourist developed an ingredient that would counteract this bitterness. When the ingredient was added to the product the customer achieved the exact taste profile that they had been hoping for.

Bottled Water

A manufacturer of flavoured bottled water needed to reduce costs to remain competitive in the marketplace. He had a range of flavoured waters using flavourings sourced from various companies.

HOF reengineered the range of drinks making them more appropriate for the current market, where the manufacturer was using multiple flavours e.g. Lemon and Lime, HoF created a single flavour soulution. Hof also created a number of new products as extensions to the existing range these products were developed to fulfil the trend towards added functionality.

HoF delivered a 40% reduction in ingredient cost and enhanced the product portfolio delivering better taste at reduced cost.


Whatever your current project, whether you are looking for taste matching, taste boosters or replacements, send us your brief and let us help to ensure your product success.

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