Hot Cross Buns

At House of Flavours, innovation is always at the forefront of our minds

Case Study

A baker wished to match the market leading Hot Cross Bun and knew that he need an increased level of cinnamon to achieve this. However when he increased the cinnamon levels his buns failed to rise at the proving stage.

House of Flavours were called in to help. Our team had come across this problem before, and knew that high levels of cinnamon will retard the yeast activity in buns at the proving stage.

To solve the problem the baker needed to add his flavour components after proving. So, we created an encapsulated ingredient that contained all of the flavour components for the desired Hot Cross Bun profile.

The baker now has Hot X buns that match the market leading taste profile with excellent texture and appearance.

We can help with a range of problems which occur. Problems such as high temperature processing changing the flavour of ingredients, reducing salt or sugar, and also achieving natural declarations.

This is why we supply flavourings to a high percentage of the UK’s leading Hot Cross Bun Manufacturers year after year.

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