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The team at House of Flavours have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest bakeries in the UK.

We have worked with and solved many different problems such salt and sugar reduction, along with creating new flavour profiles.

Our Hot Cross Bun Spice is widely supplied throughout the UK, with new and more daring flavours becoming  more and more poplar each year, our product development research in this area never ends!


Breads & Buns

At House of Flavours, innovation is always at the forefront of our minds. We see the significant growth in the bakery market in recent years, and as well as being a part of its current, we always look for ways to be part of its future.


Cakes & Buttercreams

Our mouthwatering range of flavourings are hugely popular within the bakery industry for use in cakes and butter creams.

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Cheese & Diary

Our skilled product development team and flavorings experts can tackle the trickiest of cheese and dairy problems, as well as constantly looking out for the latest in trends from around the world in this area.