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As the food and bakery market increases to grow with consumer demand, HoF are constantly innovating to deliver more diverse and enticing bake stable flavours, with the result of products which taste great, and cost less.


Case Study ; Hot Cross Buns

A baker wished to match the market leading Hot X bun and knew that he need an increased level of cinnamon to achieve this. However when he increased the cinnamon levels his buns failed to rise at the proving stage. HoF were called in to help.

HoF had come across this problem before and knew that high levels of cinnamon will retard the yeast activity in buns at the proving stage. To solve the problem the baker needed to add his flavour components after proving. HoF created an encapsulated ingredient that contained all of the flavour components for the desired hot X bun profile the encapsulation keeps the yeast and the flavour components separate during proving only releasing the flavour during baking.

The baker now has Hot X buns that match the market leading taste profile with excellent texture and appearance.




The team at House of Flavours have a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest bakeries in the UK.