House of Flavours is a specialist manufacturer of food flavourings and ingredients, with a background of nearly 30 years experience in the food industry.

We provide solutions to application issues for manufacturers worldwide, helping to reduce costs, improve quality, overcome manufacturing difficulties, and reduce costs.

We are based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, UK, where our fantastic new purpose built facilities are within commutable distance to the rest of the UK and Europe as a whole.

We have a diverse team who specialise in using natural flavourings, and creating flavourings with our own unique intellectual property.

House of Flavours History

House of Flavours was set up in 1996 due to popular demand from customers who wanted the quantities of flavourings they required, delivered in time with a high level of technical resource and support. We have since evolved again through customer demand ,to become a creator, manufacturer and seller of our own Intellectual Property flavourings.

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