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Innovative Food Flavourings from HoF

HoF specializes in finding innovative solutions to many of the technical difficulties encountered by todayís food and drink product developers.

HoF, combined with itís sister company NET International has been solving NPD problems in the food and drink industry for over 20 years and whilst many issues present themselves time again we also get to experience the new challenges that todayís NPD teams are confronted with. See examples of our successes.

HoF has developed a range of specialty ingredients designed to address many of the issues encountered in food and drink NPD today. Read about HoFTec solutions.


We have a range of recipe ideas for use with flavourings. To download our recipe ideas please log onto our technical download area.

Our Latest Case Study

Bakery ingredients - Bakery Flavourings
Off Notes in baked products

Our flavourist developed an ingredient that would counteract this bitterness